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I had been turning some work related questions over and over in my head, prior to booking a reading with Candace and, as is so often the case, found a great deal of clarity before the call - the magic always starts working straight away.

Nevertheless, the reading was richly rewarding. Concise, precise and practical, it affirmed the elements that had been tickling at the edges of my consciousness, and gave me clear action points for the coming days and weeks.

I’ve received a great many readings, but Candace’s was notable for its forthright, no nonsense energy and practicable advice. High recommended.


This was my first experience with a reading and it was great! Candace helped to reaffirm things that I have been wrestling with and give me the push I need. Definitely recommending to my friends. - Portia Johnson

Candy was so professional . She took the time to make sure I completely understood my reading. Candy also gave me answers to every question and, things even were explained and brought together even with out asking. I can tell this Woman is a true messenger and not just out for the money. I give her 5 🌟and will be doing this again. - Micababy Green