Who is Aether Candace?

Aether Candace is an intuitive performance coach, spiritual influencer, and author. Candace is the founder of Cloud 9.5, a metaphysical self-care brand that provides products and 1-1 sessions for leveling up.

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This isn’t one of those woo-woo websites that focus solely on the fluff of life or the sides of yourself you feel comfortable speaking about out loud. I am covering the whole human over here because you are whole - even if you feel like you are in pieces or only operating at 50%.

You are shadow and light, sunshine and rain and everything in-between. I’m here to get you to accept and love yourself while guiding you toward the vibrational level-up.

PSST: I also talk about things that make humaning in these times easier.

Now keep in mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my sh*t - Erykah Badu

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Session Reviews

This was my first experience with a reading and it was great! Candace helped to reaffirm things that I have been wrestling with and give me the push I need. Definitely recommending to my friends. - Portia Johnson

Candy was so professional . She took the time to make sure I completely understood my reading. Candy also gave me answers to every question and, things even were explained and brought together even with out asking. I can tell this Woman is a true messenger and not just out for the money. I give her 5 🌟and will be doing this again. - Micababy Green

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