The Beauty of The Climate Justice Alliance 2023 Convening

Soul Trine and Climate Justice Alliance

This year, my company, Soul Trine, was hired to provide Reiki and Tarot Readings services for the 2023 Climate Justice Alliance Convening. It was a brilliant and beautiful experience. It was hosted at the Kheprw Institute, which is an amazing and impactful organization right here in Indianapolis, IN.

Michelle from the Climate Justice Alliance found Soul Trine online (Shout out to my 18 years of Digital Marketing Experience!) and blew my mind with the description of the company’s initiatives. Please visit their website to learn more. Fighting climate change is bigger than saving the Earth and saving the Earth is much more complex than what we were taught about the ozone layer.

Watch the video to learn more about the details of the beauty that happened at the 2023 Climate Justice Alliance Conveneing.

Attending The Indiana Black Caucus/Kheprw/Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) Screening

The CJA 2023 Convening was almost a week-long event. Many non-profit organizations from all over the US came to Indianapolis, Indiana to build, connect, and expand on initiatives. Even though I was hired as a vendor, I was honored to be asked to attend the public screening of “ ‘Grasping at the Roots,’ a Love Letter to the Movement” at the Madame CJ Walker Theater. This was a documentary on climate change and its impact on black communities. I had previously scheduled clients so I could not see the whole documentary. However, I did catch the last 20 minutes of the screening and the panel discussion.

The last 20 minutes were deep into the impact climate has had on the health, politics, and policing of Jackson, MS. I love how dots were connected because the more people can see the connections and patterns, the more likely they are to see how everything impacts them and create change.

Grasping at the Roots,’ a love letter to the Movement at Madame CJ Walker TheaterGrasping at the Roots,’ a love letter to the Movement at Madame CJ Walker Theater
"Grasping at the Roots,’ a Love Letter to the Movement"

As I know more about where the documentary can be seen by the masses I will make the updates on the article, in the comments, and in the chat.

Overall this experience was beautiful. There were beautiful competent people from many different cultures coming together to make the world a better place from human-to-human and human-to-Earth perspectives. I left feeling empowered and inspired. As a person who has put on complex events, if I were part of a conference like this, that would be a major desire - that everyone left feeling empowered and inspired.