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Divine Intervention and Business Lair

A few months ago, I created a group on Coven Cloud called Business Lair. Coven Cloud is a social network for people who are seeking spiritual knowledge. I’ll share more on how I connected with Coven Cloud in a later post, but long story short, I am now a partner at Coven Cloud, and I’m over the blog and monetization (PSST - I’m looking for writers if you want to share your voice with a metaphysical audience, connect with me.).

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A Quick Progression

The idea for the Business Lair group came to me out of my love for business, magic, and spirituality. I’m somewhat of a business nerd, not in the sense of a Wall Street stock-following person, but I have a passion for making business more efficient, marketing, and helping people become business owners or enter new levels of business. I started this journey in 2005 as an entrepreneur by showing musicians the digital ropes of the music business to help them realize they didn’t have to grovel to record labels to make money, showing small businesses how to use the Internet to get more customers and eventually taking my digital marketing talents to Fortune 500 companies.

I own Soul Trine and Inbound Concepts, two companies that help people in different ways. Inbound Concepts focuses on digital marketing and digital operations, while Soul Trine focuses on spiritual development, revelations, and growth. Over time and after integrating my metaphysical side with my business side, I was able to speak more freely about my spiritual connections in business, and I included Soul Trine/Cloud 9.5 on my LinkedIn profile. This gave me the confidence to niche my clientele to help expand the voices of the people who many agencies and consultancies will overlook. Inbound Concepts became a consultancy for metaphysical business owners. This didn’t mean they had to have a metaphysical shop or do tarot readings; my niche includes people who have everyday/mundane businesses and incorporate spiritual elements into their lifestyle and business practices.

With this new approach to my business, I was thrilled and decided to let Business Lair be the voice for my digital marketing consultancy, Inbound Concepts. Business Lair will help people by using content to teach them the principles of digital business that Inbound Concepts uses with clients in ways that have never been expressed outside of meetings.

For someone like myself at this stage in my life, turning the metaphysical sides of life on and off is exhausting and false. Once I successfully integrated all sides of myself internally and in how I showed up in the world, I gained a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and understanding. Most of the books I own are about business/money and metaphysics. Learning and expanding myself in these ways are my passions. This is how I spend my spare time if I’m not immersing myself in nature, creatively expressing myself, or somewhere eating well. So having a group on Coven Cloud that discusses magic and business made so much sense to me - two hot topics coming together in one place for discussion, Q/A, and community - chef’s kiss. Also, having a media outlet based on business, money, metaphysics, and magic will help more people.

Divine Intervention

I can’t sit here and act like this was all created by me. I am open to Divine intervention in business and all ways of life, and I receive it. I’ve been like this for most of my life, and I haven’t always listened to the Divine messages received, and I’ve learned the hard way because of that. Today I honor Divine messages and move on them. The progression and direction of Business Lair beyond the group was Divine Intervention.

The Buisness Lair Podcast

The third episode of Business Lair was released last week. I’m so proud of all the episodes published and upcoming. The podcast is available on all the major networks Anchor, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Google, and more. Use this link to subscribe through your favorite platform.

Business Lair as a whole - blog, podcast, and community cover an array of topics related to business, money, entrepreneurship, spirituality, corporate climbing, and even sales. The first article includes additional topics, types of guests, and more details on what Business Lair is about.

Who Should Listen to Business Lair?

Business Lair is for spiritual explorers, business owners, and corporate climbers.   

What Types of Guests Will Business Lair Have?

Business Lair will be speaking with spiritualists, occultists, business owners, corporate climbers, sales professionals, and healers to learn what helps them and others get into the zone or get into the flow, as Abraham Hicks says. If you are one of these people, I want to hear from you. Please understand that we go deeper than how successful or amazing you are. We get spiritual and emotional on Business Lair.

What topics will Business Lair Cover?

Business Owners

  • Digital Marketing

  • Digital Operations

  • Purpose Alignment

  • Monetization and Revenue Generation

Corporate Climbers

  • Navigating the Corporate Landscape

  • Boundaries and Burnout

  • Salaries and Bonuses

  • The Sales Zone

Spiritual Explorers

  • The Energy of Money

  • Protection

  • Soul Alignment

  • Money Rituals

  • Belief Systems

  • Money Spirits

  • Intuition and Money

  • Astrological Money

Previous Episodes

Click the images to access the previous episodes of Business Lair.

I will be honored if you subscribe to Business Lair and engage with me on the content. Thank you for being here.

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Aether Candace | Poetry, Metaphysics, and Real Life
Aether Candace | Poetry, Metaphysics, and Real Life
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